Friday, November 3, 2017

Job Training, Marketing Specialists

1. Promotions

a) Designing Ads
b) Running Campaigns
c) Social Media
d) Blogging

Types of Promotions; About Product, Sale,
b) Running Campaigns (3-media campaigns)
i) Design AIDA Ad
ii) Select 3 media platforms
c) Social Media
Monday - Tip, Wednesday - Sale, Friday - Joke
d) Blogging
• Remove gray from image background on blogger; Google Plus Settings - Auto Enhance (bottom of page) - Uncheck Automatically enhance new pictures),

i) Laci Management
1. LMT, Monthly Newsletter

iv) Laci School
i) SM, yt, 1/4ly Laci Video

vi) Laci Fitness
i) Monthly Promo

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