Thursday, November 16, 2017

Job Training, HR Specialist

1. Recruitment & Selection
2. Continuous Development Plan (including Performance Development and  Training & Development)
3. Compensation Management
4. Other
Job Ad - HR SpecialistTemplates

1. Posted Job Ad
2. Received and reviewed resumes
3. With manager, selected candidates to interview
4. Scheduled interviews (use template Interview Offer)
5. Completed interview/s
6. Complete assessment test (use template Assessment Test. Send link
7. Completed reference checks
8. Created, emailed, and received signed copy of offer letter (use template Job Offer.  *Cc Manager signed contract)
9. Liaison with IT to set up new email and send to employee activated laci email and set up password (use template Laci Email Set Up)
10. Emailed employee and received completed Getting Started Checklist (Use template Getting Started. *include Invoice Template & AWE Guide documents)
11. Ensured all items have been completed on checklist (confirm employee completed mobilization (profile, email, social media), orientation training, job training, and training quiz)
12. Received Quiz, Mark and grade Quiz
13. Created Profile
14. Emailed manager completed checklist, training score, and inform ready to start work (use template Mobilization Completed)
15. Add to gLMT (link Profile
16. Termination Process; 4, Cancel Contract, Exit Interview, Final Payments, Close File

1. Schedule Quarterly Development Plan Meetings
2. Receive completed Continuous Development Plans *deadline Feb Wk 4

• Manage LMT group (gLMT)
Exhibit people relations. Be the first to respond to comments

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