Friday, November 3, 2017

Job Training, Business Basics

1. Client Etiquette
2. Communication
3. Continuous Improvement
4. Email Etiquette
5. Time Management
6. Payroll
7. Project Contracts
8. Working in the Team

• Please handle clients professionally.  How you treat our clients represents our image and we strive to offer outstanding customer service
Dress Code
• While meeting clients and suppliers, please dress professionally  (If coming to office, casual professional dress is ok.  Dress appropriately for work functions).

With a virtual working model, teams aren't always in the same place/office at the time, communication is essential!
a) Basics
i) If you receive a message and you cant deal with it at the very moment, respond `rcvd` or similar.
b) LMT Intranet
The website you are on here is a private site where relevant important information is shared for The Laci Management Team (LMT) including training.  It covers;
i) Why Us - benefits of working with Laci Management
ii) Why You - who you have to be to work for Laci Management
iii) Get Started - 4 steps to complete to get started with Laci Management
iv) Training - Orientation and Job Training
v) Meet the Team - See the profiles of the Laci Management Team; Board of Directors, Management, and Specialists
vi) News - Here you can find out more what's going at Laci Management.  We also share training and other relevant information
c) Whatsapp Group (gLMT)
i) Share your wk plan here.  Sharing your goals allows everyone to stay connected and create opportunities for brainstorming.  Reach out to team member if they have a heavy week and could help
ii) *Please add your name and title when sharing on the group.  It is difficult to see who sent message if team member's number is not already saved in contacts.
d) Document Formatting
i) Please use correct grammar and check spelling in writing emails and documents
Ask HR for AWE List document. AWE states a space after a coma, 2 spaces after a period.
ii) Font: Calisto 12point
iii) Present most documents in Excel aside from reports which are presented in word/pdf, and presentations presented in PowerPoint or other such platform like Prezzies
d) Filing & Sharing
i) Shared via google docs
ii) Please delete document if no longer in use

i) Performance Management Plan

a) Sending an email
i) Make sure you are sending and responding from the desired email address e.g. NOT See how to set your main email as default
ii) Use copy functions, Cc or Bcc, when sending to mass in one email to maintain email privacy
iii) Always add the Subject Title
The subject title is just a summary of what the email is about.  It should not be a long sentence but just a few words e.g Getting Started Checklist
iv) Always add salutation, Hi ...
v) Leave a line space between the salutation and your body. Leave a line space between your body and gratitude.  If it is a reply, you can write all 3 parts in one sentence eg.  Hi Nica. I received the notes on email etiquette at Laci Management, Thanks.  HR
vi) Always add gratitude; Thank you, Kind Regards, Warm Regards, etc
vii) Make sure your signature is set up and is included
viii) Don`t forget to add your attachments if sending any
x) Always use lower case, don`t use caps.  Typing in caps is internet code for shouting and is rude

b) Using Templates
i) Use icon Tx to remove all formatting and ensure email and template font text is matched (icon is at bottom right of screen - above delete icon)
ii) Re-apply formats such bold and colors
iii) Use chain like icon to relink all links as links can sometimes be lost during reformating
c) Mailbox Organizing
i) If using shared mailbox such as the, please file your emails in mailbox once read and resolved.
ii) Messages waiting response must be moved to "Waiting Response" folder.  Move emails from "Sent" to Waiting Response in order to track pending responses.  Waiting Response folder must be sorted/cleared weekly
iii) Logging into Multiple Google Accounts

i) Creating your Wk Plan
ii) Creating your Month Plan
iii) Creating your Monthly Progress Report

i) Completing your Invoice

You will receive a contract for each project.  Action required is to accept/reject the contract and present project plan.

a) Code of Conduct
i)  Respect
We will treat each other with respect in how we talk to each other.  Laci has a ZERO tolerance to bullying behaviour!
ii) Play your part
Many times you part is connected to someone else's goal so please complete your part.

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