Friday, November 17, 2017

Completing your Invoice

1. Things to remember
2. Pay Calendar
3. Completing your Invoice

4. Completing your Expense Form


i) Invoices not received by cut off date will not be paid in that pay period, but will be paid on the following pay period, this can be up to a month.  Please note that administration costs will also be deducted - so submit your invoices on time.  It is your responsibility to follow up with your manager to ensure your invoice is approved and submitted to payroll. 
ii) Invoice must be approved by manager first before being emailed to Finance
iii) Pay period is monthly
iv) Invoice submission cut off date is the 5th of the month
v) Email Invoices to Finance at
vi) Your invoice should be updated weekly, immediately after posting wk plan on gLMT

i) 15th of every month

Please ensure the following has been completed
i) Receive invoice template from HR
ii) Share invoice with manager using google docs
*Your invoice should be updated weekly, immediately after posting wk plan on gLMT
iii) Update your name 
iv) Update your invoice month in format 2017, Jan
v) Enter Goal 
Please make sure that there is a total for each separate goal as can be seen in the invoice above
vi) Enter Rate 
vii) List Action Items
*Make sure all items begin with company name eg LN Proposal. 
* If an item took more than 2hrs to complete, please summarize sub-actions. E.g. Created Boot Camp Marketing Poster 3H (Searched images 1H, created draft 1H, 3 draft reviews 1H) @ $10/hr = $30 
viii) Enter Hours
ix) Enter Amount 
Please make sure the formula is set up to precalculate.  Also make sure the $ Sign, Total heading 0dp, and item amount 2dp.
x) Enter Week completed eg Wk 3
xi) Enter Notes.  If you have any notes for your manager you can here otherwise leave blank for your manager's notes
xii) Label your invoice by Invoice, Year, Month (Name), e.g. Invoice, 2017, Jan (Monica Kananga)
xiii) Get manager approval
xiv) Email to Finance at and Cc your Manager.  
Label subject as stated in item (xiii). 
*If you download your invoice from google docs and formatting is lost, i.e. border lines, font, please ensure to reformat as per the template.

i) List expense
ii). List total
iii). Gather receipts
iv). Email to HR at

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