Sunday, January 28, 2018

Continuous Development Plan

The goal of the Continuous Development Plan is to help you develop your skills so you can perform at your desired level - which we hope is Outstanding :).

1. Design your Plan (use template below)
Goals: Try to have no more than 3 goals.  These must be business development goals. One of the school must be related to education training to develop your calling.  Think about areas you want to improve, skills you want to acquire, or a new role you might be excited to try out).
2. Schedule Quarterly meeting with your Manager
3. Present Quarterly progress report on your plan

Name: Monica Kananga
Position: CEO
Year: 2018

Year Goals 
1. 1 yr Leadership experience - Lead; provided direction, instructions, and guidance to a team of 4 in fulfilling the vision of the organization - creating and delivering innovative solutions to help manage small businesses.
2. Generated +$20,000 in revenue for organization
3. Identified and developed an authentic, supportive, participative, leadership style
4. Received Teaching diploma

1. 1 yr of leadership experience (Invest 10hrs/wk to perform leadership tasks - Instruction, direction, guidance)
2. Developed leader style (1, renewed mindset about leadership)
3. Completed teaching diploma (3, Registered 2017 Nov Wk 4, Completed 1 Course 2017 Nov Wk 4, *Completed 8 Courses).

Support Requested
1. Leading opportunities
2. Patience from board and team through learning process
3. CD Fund: PID Teaching Diploma $6000

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