Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Training Quiz

Congratulations on completing your training.  Lets see how well you remember :).  Copy the following questions on a word document, complete all questions, and email your answers to  

A. About Laci Ministry (12)
B. About Laci Management (10)
C. Mobilization (5)
D. Business Basics Training (10)
E. Business Basics Training, Communication (12)
F. Job Training (3)
*Please note that "Contents" is just a summary of what is in the Quiz and does not need to be answered, questions start from About Laci Ministry #1.  Please bring to our attention any anomalies - slight changes are expected as we are continually updating our training and websites.

A. About Laci Ministry
1. What does L.A.C.I. stand for?
2. What is Laci Ministry's vision?
3. Who is the Director of Laci Ministry?
4. Name one of Laci Ministry's Board Member?
5. How many companies does Laci Ministry have? List their full names and acronyms?
6. What are the 4 main life management ministries? 
7. What is the name of Laci School's workshop?
8. Where is Laci's fitness center located?
9.  Name one of Laci Community Center's programs?
10. What would you buy for breakfast at the LiveFit! Restaurant? (hint Laci Naturals)
11. List 3 benefits of working with Laci Management? (hint Laci Management Team - Why Us)
12. Up to how much can a full time employee be paid for their personal assistant? (hint Laci Management Team - Why Us)

1. How is Laci Management related to Laci Ministry?
2. Where is the Laci Management headquarter's located?
3. What are Laci Management's 3 core values? Which one do you connect with the most and why?
4. Give one reason why a client hire will chose to hire Laci Management over another firm?
5. What are the main products and services of Laci Management?
6. What is the name of Laci Management's business software?
7. Name one of Laci Management's business trainings?
8. List 3 types of management services that Laci Management offers its clients?
9. How does Laci help clients with their business development? (hint - Business Coaching & Consulting)
10. How much did Laci Management fundraise for Rehoboth Alliance (hint - look under Portfolio)

C. Getting Started & Mobilization
1. How many steps are there to getting started? List them.
2. What should your profile include?
3. How should your name show up on your email? (hint 3-ii)
4. What is the last thing you should add on your signature?
5. What is the name of Laci's YouTube channel?

D. Business Basics Training
1. What 8 main areas are covered in Laci's Business Basics training?
2. When do you send your month plan and progress report? (*Note these are 2 questions)
3. What is the 4th thing you should do when completing your Wk plan?
4. When should your Wk Plan be completed and what is penalty of plans not submitted on time?
5. When is the invoice submission cut off date
6. After you receive the invoice template from HR, what's the next thing you should do (hint 3ii)
7. If your action item is over 3H, what should you do? (hint 3 -vii)
8. How should you label your invoice? (hint 3- xii)
9. What two thing must you do when you receive a project contract?
10. What is the code of conduct of working in a team at Laci? 

E. Business Basics Training, Communication
1. Why is communication important for Laci?
2. What 3 things can you do at the Laci Management Team whats app group (gLMT)?
3. What is the name of the Laci Management's Intranet and what its main purpose?
4. Which tab do employees learn about what's news at Laci Management?
5. What is item 2-c-ii?
6. In writing emails and documents, How many spaces should you put after a period?
7. What font should be used in documents?
8. How are documents shared at Laci?
9. Which send option would you use to send to various emails to clients and why? To, Cc, or Bcc?
10. What is item 3-a-v?
11. What is item 3-a-ix?
12. What is the main thing you do when you are copying from a template to an email?

1. What is your Job description?
2. What are your 3 main tasks?
3. Pick one of your tasks and list the main action items in completing it.

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