Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Creating your Wk Plan

1. Discuss wk goals with your manager (often done during weekly meeting)
2. Present (last) wk completed and (upcoming) wk planned goals as shown above (usually no more than 3 goals each).
3. For completed action items (ai), make sure to enter time invested at the end of  your ai e.g LM Emailed 3 Job Offers 2H
4. For planned ai's, make sure to add day when you plan to completed item e.g LM Completed Software Development questionnaire (Wed)
5. Use an *asterick to highlight your must action items for the week
6. Get wk plan approved by manager and post on gLMT
*don`t forget to sign your name on the group e.g. Nica, CEO
7. Immediately capture your completed items in your Invoice 
8. *Must be completed by every Thursday and posted on the group on Friday morning
* Please note that planning time is paid time and part of your weekly meeting.  Planning time is mandatory for all Laci personnel *Wk Plan not submitted on time assumes that you are not working that week.
9. Do realize that people read as you write - so use proper grammar and punctuation.

*Some tips
i) When creating your action items, build them from your goals.  Think what is/are my project contract/s?  What do i need to do to accomplish them?  What will i do this week?  Think about goals that are related to your project contract and those related to routine management such as wkly meetings, completing your invoice, your progress report etc.
eg. goal - Planned AGM - wk action item - Created AGM Budget, and routine action items; Attended wkly meeting, Presented invoice.
ii) Use past tense verbs (doing words).  Think what am i going to do eg; Create, Plan, Coordinate, Present, Assit ... and then write in past tense as this helps the brain subconsciously in thinking it has already been achieved eg. Created, Planned, Coordinated

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