Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Job Training, Financial Specialists

1. Presenting Financial Statement (Proforma Income Statements, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Owners Equity, Cash Flow Statement, Budget)
2. Processing Accounts Receivables
3. Processing Accounts Payable
4. Processing Payroll (aka Service Invoices - SIs)
5. Processing Receipts

1. Upload payroll tracker to google docs and share with Management Specialist
2. Receive invoices from Specialists. Send a follow up email and whats app reminder on 1st of month (see Invoice Reminder template below)
3. Update the Totals Planned v Actuals for month and email Management Specialist (must be presented before the 10th of the month)
4. Create/Update the stubs for each Specialist
Current amounts
5. Deposit amount is pre-calculated and will populate after the net payment is entered
6. Enter Services; Hours worked, rate, and amount should populate
7. Enter any benefits. *Hours - hours worked/full time hours (140), Rate - see Benefits tab on the payroll document, Rate will populate
8. Enter deductions such as taxes or other
9. Net pay should populate
Year to date
10. Enter hours worked to date - use totals tab in the payroll tracker
11. Add annual amounts for benefits and deductions
12. Annual net payment should populate.
13. Save invoice as pdf
14. Label - Service Payment Receipt, Jan 2018 (Monica Kananga)
15. Email invoice to Specialist - use Payment Notification template below

16. Update SI Sheets for the month for each Specialist
17. Update Planned for next month and email to Management Specialist


Invoice Reminder
Subject: Invoice Reminder
Please remember to submit your invoices by the 5th of .... Invoices that are not received by this time will be processed for next month's payroll and administration fees will be deducted.
Payroll, Laci Management

Payment Notification
Subject: Payment Receipt Notification
Please find attached your service invoice deposit slip for the current pay period of January, 2017. When responding to this email or making any payroll inquiry, please include your full name and employee ID.
Payroll, Laci Management

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