Wednesday, April 11, 2018

In Progress Projects, 2018


PROJECT: Supply Chain Database, Laci Naturals
Position: omPS, Laci Naturals (Projects Specialist - Operations Management)
About: Establish fruit and vegetable Suppliers for Laci Naturals and present an excel database spreadsheet including their names, contact, and quotes.  Email each Supplier confirmation correspodence to your BMS.  About 10hrs of work is estimated.
Reporting to: Business Management Specialist (BMS), Laci Management
Due Date: 2 weeks
Rate: $25
Hours: 10hrs
Action: Email project proposal to

PROJECT: Packaging procurement, Laci Naturals
Position: mmPS, Laci Naturals (Marketing Management Projects Specialist)
About: Secured packing for fruits&veg, Laci snacks&beans & grains, and *smoothies.  About 10hrs or less of work per package is estimated.
Reporting to: Business Management Specialist (BMS), Laci Management
Due Date: 30 March, 2018
Rate: $25/package
Hours: 10hrs
Action: Email project proposal to

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