Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Assessment Test, Laci Management


Congratulations on been selected to proceed with the Laci Management selection process.  Thanks so much for taking the time to complete this assessment.  This assessment will test your aptitude, job knowledge, and organization fit.  This helps us know at what level you are to perform the job you are interested in and if you are the selected candidate, what training we can make available to you once you have started.

1. Select your Scenario (only pick one)
4. Email: To HR, Cc CEO Nica, Bcc: Board of Directors

Select the business unit scenario applicable to you.  Chose only one scenario.

1. Management Specialist Scenarios
i) How would you motivate an employee who is not performing?

2. Executive Assistant Scenarios
i) Plan the calendar for the CEO of Laci Management?

3. Administrative Specialist Scenarios
i) You have been assigned to help with a new project.  You have also been asked to support marketing in planning the AGM.  Both projects have an approaching deadline. How would you go about managing this? Include describing which project would you priority over and why?

4. Marketing Scenarios
i) Describe the social media strategy you would use for marketing any one of Laci's products/services? 
ii) Creating an Ad for any one of Laci Companies's products and services.  This ad must capture AIDA.  Also describe advertising media would you use?

5. Sales Scenarios
i) Describe 3 objectives faced in Sales and how you would handle them?

6. Human Resources Specialist Scenarios
i) List and explain the steps of how you go about hiring a Specialist?
ii) Present a Performance review plan (known as Continuous Development plan) for a Specialist?

7. Finance Scenarios
i) Describe 3 ratios you would use to measure the financial health of Laci Management?

8. Project Specialist Scenarios
i)  Present a plan of how you would plan for one of the projects below.  Present an idea of main requirements/scope, key milestones, duration, and cost.
i) Building Laci Community Center in Zambia
ii) Laci Natural's Health Food Store Launch in Harare

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