Why Us

Our VISION is to see as many of our brothers and sisters experience the everlasting life that God has planned for humanity.  Our MISSION is to create products and services that are a resource for supporting Christians in living and fulfilling their purposes.  We invite you to share with us your gifts and be part of a great Legacy!!!  (About Laci Ministry)

We are passionate and 100% committed to seeing our team grow towards their wholeness and serving ministries. From your purposes as disciples of Jesus, to being husbands and wives, mommies and daddies, and to answering your serving calling, your contribution and growth in the management team is important to us.  

We value work life balance
We are a virtual model.  This means you can work from home, from any part of the world, any time that works for your lifestyle!.
1. Paid Laci day - 1 day off/mth
2. Paid planning time, 1hr/wk
3. Paid Personal Assistant, up to 25%
We value continuous improvement
4. Calling development fund (towards any course/program you desire), up to 100%

5. Monthly continuous development program, 2hrs/mth
We value contribution
6. Paid Community volunteer, 2hr/mth

7. Competitive wages
8. Retirement package plan
9. Health insurance package
10. Paid vacation
11. Reimbursed phone and internet bills, up to 100%

12. Discounts to all Laci Ministry includes myLaci, LaciFitness, and Laci Naturals & Live!